Cast Hacker by Savage Gear: A complete Sinking Pencil range!

It is no secret that sinking pencils that were once at the bottom of our lure box, are now one of the first choices to cast for many. Anglers have become more technical and now have the will and ability to make a sinking pencil work, and the era when everybody wanted “lipped” lures, seems like the Bronze Age. But why did things change so dramatically? The reason is that lures with a lip have a predetermined action that is defined by the lip itself and cannot be changed. Sinking pencils on the other hand are much more creative since their movement is determined by the angler himself in combination with the recovery speed and the movement of the rod. So with the same lure, the angler can “unlock” different moods of the fish. Finally, Sinking pencils are characterized by the ability of increased casting distance in both mild and severe weather conditions. Cast Hackers are a complete series of sinking pencils that are designed to cover the angler’s needs in any case.

These are highly reinforced, through wired lures with powerful wire and many internal reinforcements, designed to withstand the pandemonium. As their name suggests, Cast Hackers are able to “Hack” the shooting distance and offer an unbeatable cast with a very stable flight. Great importance has been given to the profile that strongly resembles a real fish, with very clear eyes and a design that eliminates the grip of the treble hook on the back. Cast Hackers are tungsten tuned and categorized in the philosophy of “bite size”, with sizes that will attract attention and will not cause suspicion. The series consists of 3 sizes (9.5, 11.5 and 13 cm) with two versions of different sink ratios and sink actions each. So we will find the three sizes in FS (Fast Sinking) version and in XS (Extra Sinking) version. The difference is in the weight and the internal weight arrangement. Let’s see what each version offers us.

FS version

This version consists of the three sizes in the mentioned grams, 9.5cm / 26gr, 11.5cm / 44gr and 13cm / 73gr. The purpose of this version is to deceive even the laziest fish and to give success, even to the most beginners! They basically do everything on their own, and they work even with a steady retrieve. When they fall, they fall with VMS action (Vivid Movement System) which means that they hold a natural horizontal position during the fall, while trembling and vibrating at the same time. This action in combination with the ratle in the body will also create a strong sound. This model will offer strikes during the fall easily and the angler will be happy to give whatever movement he wants to this lure with faster or slower twitch, with Jerks and even with WTD. The lure will respond wonderfully to both. The FS version also responds to skipping, giving us the ability to use it on the top water with quick recovery and the rod high, targeting fish such as mahi mahi and bluefish, if necessary.

XS Version

This version consists of the three sizes in the mentioned grams, 9.5cm / 32gr, 11.5cm / 63gr and 13cm / 93gr. The purpose of this version is to deliver an explosive cast and quickly reach the depth we want, overcoming currents and wind. Its sinking position is like a “falling leaf” with one side facing the sky and the other the bottom, accompanied by strong reflections. This version is more aggressive, and we have to give the desired action! It targets active fish that hunt and are often indifferent to slow-acting lures. So in combination with long or short twitch and medium or fast retrieve speed and WTD, will not give a chance to active fish to ignore it. This version is aimed at anglers who have some experience with sinking pencils.

Judging by the above, we see that each version has its own characteristics and how well the whole concept is. If we look at the weights and sizes available for each model, then we can clearly see that there is always at least one version to use at any condition and in spinning, shore jigging, cast jigging and offshore plug fishing.

The colors also make a great impression! Both natural and vibrant colors, have reflections of real scales that mimic the natural visual effect of natural baitfish. What you do not know is that all colors have UV details with the most important being the ISP (Intense Strike Point) which consists of three UV red dots like a wound near the “tail” and right next to the back treble hook, directing strikes there. Undoubtedly, this new and more complete series of Sinking Pencils has come to stay and convert even more anglers to the enchanting world of this efficient type of lures! The sinking pencils!

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