Savage Gear Super Hard FC Leader

Shore Jigging Leader! What about it?

Well, many things are about a shore jigging leader! Personally, after many years of experience and practicing many, different fishing style techniques, I can confirm that Shore Jigging is the most demanding regarding leader qualities. Why? It is so simple but so complicated at the same time. From one side we need a lot of strength on the knot, extreme abrasion resistance because of the hard bottom and at the same time we need a lively action of the jig. And here comes the huge problem! Usually, super stiff leaders tend to have weaker knots and poor jig performance.

Softer leaders on the other hand have excellent knot and jig performance but once they touch a rock with the extreme tension of the rod pulling a fighting fish, they break in a glance! Savage Gear Super Hard FC Leader is a true “badass” leader, made from a super hard fluorocarbon material, this leader can withstand all kind of punishment from rocks and other hazards and still offer you the ability to deliver a sharp action to your jigs, soft lures and hard lures, even in deep water. The minimal stretch means you can also set the hook instantly and master the hardest fishing areas! Consisting of 100% super hard fluorocarbon material, I was able to provide a somewhat softer behavior through a complicated thermal process, and retain the qualities of a super stiff hardcore line, with the unmatchable power on the knot and a somewhat better jig action. The same thermal procedure eliminates one of the worst aspects of stiff FC leaders that on braid to leader knots, they fail to get tight properly.

Actually, I became a pain in the ass for the factory that we worked together on this for more than one year, until I had this leader my way! My own demanding and personal Shore Jigging way! A leader in 50m spools (as small as possible to fit everywhere) so we can have enough of it at any circumstance, with a 100% real knot strength and extreme abrasion resistance when touching the rocks, when at the same time keep the jig lively moving! Savage Gear Super Hard FC Leader is available at 0.45, 0.50, 0.55, 0.60, 0.68 and 0.77mm. It’s perfect for inshore and offshore power game – for fish that know how to play dirty, you now have the weapon to fight back.

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