I know that most of you, when you hear of skipping lures and skipping fishing style, you imagine of wild beasts attacking on the surface and drag the line near the coral reefs! But is this the only option of the coin? Damn no it isn’t, and just like so many other fishing styles that can be performed with heavy and light tackles, skipping is one of them! And this is why I created the Micro Skipper! A skipping “soap like” lure in ridiculously small dimensions, that really pumps the fish and our adrenaline to the sky!

What is skipping?

Skipping is when you retrieve relatively fast a lure so it will run on the surface, creating a splashing line at the same time! This as an effect is very natural and resembles the fleeing small baitfish! The advantage of this fishing style is that the predator gets really irritated from this effect that attacks with no mercy as well as it has no time to inspect the lure! The disadvantage is that it focusses only on fish species that do hunt near the surface! So no chance to get bottom species!

Offshore Light Skipping!

This way of fishing is a true apocalypse! All you need to do is to approach a rocky (or even sandy) coastline, a reef or a watershed and cast right next to it! Micro skipper has a ridiculous long cast so it is really easy to cover long distances. Once Micro Skipper reach the surface, then with the tip of the rod high, you start fast retrieve and the lure skips like a small fish! If there are close any saddled breams, silverfish or other top water predators, they will instantly “kick in”! Species like silverfish, jacks, saddled breams etc, are powerful fighters and will definitely make the drags of your light game gear, scream! It is an amazing experience when you see these fish attacking your lure, one after another, bringing your heartbeat to another level!

Gear Set Up

All you need is a light game set up. A rod 3-12gr or 4-16gr is more than enough, along with a reel 2500-3000 size high geared and PE #braid 0.6 with a 0.19mm leader are more than enough! Micro Skipper comes in 4cm/5gr and 6cm/9gr!

Here are some videos related with his awesome fishing style:

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