The New colors of Needle Jigs “Mackerel Ayu”, “Pink Belly Sardine” and “Full Glow”. The reasoning behind each color!

Mackerel AYU

Mackerel Ayu: I cannot count how many times in my life, mirror-colored jigs made the difference compared to jigs with prismatic reflections. Over the years I have seen that such jigs produce a single reflection that becomes quite efficient both on cloudy days and on sunny days. This more natural reflection in combination with the natural Ayu color that can be associated with the color of various prey fish like bogue, gives a very effective effect. Adding the mackerel design to the back, I completed a very attractive and natural effect for cunning and difficult fish, and perhaps one of the most effective colors in calm conditions.

Pink Belly Sardine

Pink Belly Sardine: With 70% natural presence and 30% vibrant color, this jig will not go unnoticed. Many times, natural colors with intense details often excel as they combine the natural effect, along with a little intense reaction color. The result can be effective both deep and shallow, as well as in any bright condition, even at very low. The pink of the belly is fluo to “irritate” the eye of the predator, and in combination with the blue of the back and the “thick scale foil” of the body, they give a particularly intense effect that has its way with the fish!

Full Glow

Full Glow: A decade ago, I must admit I was watching full glow jigs and vomiting! They seemed cheap and fake to me. Over the years I saw how wrong I was. What I am sure of, is that especially in autumn, winter and spring, these reaction colors can set aside any other color. Maybe because of the strong contrast, maybe because of the squids that exist these seasons and that this color imitates the “whitening/glow” effect they do when they get scared, we will never know! What I learned is that mainly days with a lot of clouds, drizzle, and deep water, these colors have the ultimate advantage. Surprisingly many catches in the summer with sun, occurred as well, while they also attributed to evening shore jigging mainly for barracudas. Since I was dealing with reaction colors, I put a little naughty pink on the back and a little canary yellow on the belly, and the jig “chirps” like a charm!

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