Do you love action, extreme fishing and unstoppable beasts? Do you love rocks and climbing? Then this is your fishing game and I am your man! I will make sure to tell you how I do it. I will share with you all my experience and you will decide which parts are the ones that fit your fishing better. Shore Jigging is for the hardcore anglers that they target on the one and big! Since luck has no place in this technique, follow me to a row of technical and adrenaline pumping articles and don’t hesitate to use what you will learn in your area. Remember. Once, it was only an Asian Technique. I experiment with it in Mediterranean and it worked excellent! So no matter in which sea your place is, once you have a depth of 15 meters and deeper close to the shore, you have your own shore jigging spot. In this site I will explain and analyse everything about shore jigging in lighter or heavier type along with the gears and the fish species! So if you love metal, metal it is!

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