I know that during Research and Development meetings in DUO headquarters, when it comes my name and ideas on the table, everybody have a glass of water and an aspirin ready for take off! I keep on asking for heavy lures with small or medium size, long jigs, tiny jigs, heavy minnows, blah blah blah, and now that I mention, I think I need an aspirin myself! I know that it is not an easy task for a lure company to satisfy all Pro Staff members, simply because in each region, different rules and realities exist! Before some months, DUO announced the “birth” of three new models that I was always asked and sometimes begged for! Rough Trail Blazin 110, Hydra 220 and Malice 130. The last we are about to talk now!


An ultimate “jig” minnow!

Many of you already know that I’m a big fan of DUO Press Bait Saira! That amazing slim heavy lure, is responsible for many outstanding catches and is without a doubt, one of my highly recommended lures, when it comes to heavy spinning and 100% hardcore fishing game! But due to its slim shape, sometimes with strong currents, it is unable to perform properly its unique movement and hard to maintain the depth I want to focus. Also in deeper water, more than 25 meters, the time of waiting to reach the seafloor is increased a lot! I know that many of you will tell me to use jigs in such conditions, and for sure I do, but there are simply these days that fish are lazy and do not attack anything except sinking pencils! Here comes Malice! A “bomb” sinking pencil! DUO really impressed me with this unique lure! With one glance, really reminds me of “Press Bait 125 Heavy Duty” but with a more reinforced and aggressive look. With an incredible weight of 64gr and a super compact body size of 13cm, Malice is the king of currents and depth! Malice maintains an amazing horizontal position while falling with rolling action, but sinking rate is really fast! Once this amazing lure, reach the level we want, it is easy to retain that level for a long period of time with adequate retrieving speed! I have to mention that this lure can be used only with twitching combined with retrieve! Slow rate twitching will give a sluggish action of a wounded fish that will make snappers and groupers very irritated! With high rate retrieve and short fast twitching, this lure becomes a nightmare for pelagic species like bonitos, amberjacks, tunas and trevally species. Last but most important is that I believe that this lure has the best casting distance from all plastic lures of DUO! Once this lure is used with adequate gear, it can reach casting distance more than 80m from most anglers and 100m + from experienced with high end gear! Even with side or against wind, the casting distance will amaze everyone that will try it in such conditions!

Bringing a lure to shore jigging anglers!

Another thing that is really very handy for me, is that the heavy weight and aggressive character of Malice 130, makes it perfect with the use of shore jigging equipment. That is a great solution when fish are not active on jigs. You simply attach Malice 130 to your split ring and you change 180 degrees your fishing style with the exact same gear!


Heavy, aggressive and reinforced, this lure is for sure not for everyone! It fits only with strong gear and appetite for the big one! Once you have these two, then all the rest is a matter of time!


DUO Rought Trail Malice 130

Length: 130mm / 5-1/8in

Weight:  64g / 2-1/4oz

Type: Heavy Sinking

Hook: #1



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