ZENAQ FOKEETO IKARI: The new ERA of slow jigging rods

There is this rule that says, slow jigging rods during strong fight should never pump a fish. Slow jigging rods should always look towards the running fish and let the reel do the job. Slow jigging rods are delicate technical gear for experienced anglers, and should never forced in excess curves. All the above are quite true! But not for ZENAQ IKARI series.

“Break the standard” new offshore jigging rod!

Breaking the standard is the only thing you are going to break with ZENAQ IKARI! While there is the common belief that excess elasticity results in easy of breaking, we managed to develop a very unique construction that results to super elastic but extremely break resistance blank. How we did it? With the Carbon X Carbon structure, we filled a super elastic carbon blank with carbon core making it solid and extremely resistance. When a hollow core (tubular) blank is stressed too much, it tends to get pressed on the sides during excessive curvature and result in breaking. But the IKARI structure with carbon core does not change shape and is able to sustain extreme curves and tolerate unmatchable tension! This is the first time a slow jigging rod is so strong but yet retains low weight and technical nature.

Not Just a slow jigging rod

Having it in my possession for more than 2 years now, I can say with confidence that this is one of the most versatile rods ever produced. It is capable to use slow jigs as technical as possible, while it is able to use vertical jigs equally effective! Slow pitch, longfall, high pitch, vertical speed jigging, all are suited with excellent balance within this rods amazing abilities. Furthermore FOKEETO IKARI is able to conquer the best action of inchiku jigs as well as multiple soft lures. That makes it a “one rod for all”. You simply get your jig bag, your IKARI and you go straight fishing!

IKARI during fishing and fighting!

I had loads of catches with this amazing rod. Some fights where full of tense because I used relatively light braid and leader, but still manage to land the beasts! The blank responds rapidly to the fish reactions, it sets the hook on the slightest touch and does not apply irregular tension to the leader and the braid, thus protecting it from breaking during strong fighting. IKARI has a fast taper character and guarantees that it will transfer even the slightest command from your wrist to the jig, no matter how deep it is. And when it comes to pump a fish, forget what you know about slow jigging rods. Simply pump that beast, always inside the limits of your line and leader.

IKARI the all rounder jigging rod

The feeling… That feeling of the action of the jig. The unmatchable feeling  of the currents. The feeling of the slightest strike.  IKARI gives you incredible feeling of the jig and conditions no matter how shallow or deep you fish. It gives the jig amazing action no matter how heavy or light it is. Once you start using this rod, is like a virus. You are infected and nothing else is even as close as IKARI!

IKARI models:

You will find three existing models of IKARI:

FB63-3  IKARI  Bait model

Length: 6’3″ / Jig: ~170g(Short)  ~240g(Long) / Line: PE#0.8~2

This is the lightest model of the IKARI range but do not get fooled! It is extremely powerful and capable to subdue unexpected large sea predators. Technical model for fishing near coastal waters and in strong current which requires thinner PE line. Control several types of jigs such as slow jig, short jig, semi-long jig, and long jig with thin PE line. Recommended reel size: Shimano 1000~1500 class / Daiwa 10~15 class

FB64-5  IKARI  Bait model

Length: 6’4″ / Jig: ~210g(Short)  ~280g(Long) / Line: PE#1.5~2.5

This is a beast rod. Despite its light weight and delicate appearance, it has suck power reserve capable to deal even with tunas if the opportunity arises.  A standard model for all types of jigs in various area. For coastal waters  more than 100m deep area. Targeting middle to large blue runners, rock fish and big snapper species. Recommended reel size: Shimano 1500~2000 class / Daiwa 15~35 class.

FS64-5.5  IKARI  Spinning model

Length: 6’4″ / Jig: ~210g(Short)  ~280g(Long) / Line: PE#1.5~3

This is the only Spinning model of IKARI range. FB64-5 is a powerful rod with a reinforced butt section for bringing out usability and potential of a spinning model. It performs high rod controllability unique to a spinning rod. Recommended reel size: Shimano SW 5000~6000 class / Daiwa SW 3500~4000 class

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