Fishing Gear: The Jig Bag

Maybe is something that sounds not very important, but if you ever buy jigs that cost nearly a small fortune, then I’m sure you will show the respect they deserve. But Jig cases are not only for transporting our jigs safely. An entire chapter can be opened here about this very simple but so efficient part of our gear. But let’s see what we need from our jig case.

Jig bags are a critical part of our gear!

1) Finish Protection. Yes this is the first thing that crossed my mind and it is true that during transportation, if you put many jigs in a bag or box together, after a while none of them will be unscratched. Metal to metal contact, especially with a soft and heavy metal like lead, makes way too much damage on the finish of our jigs. So a Jig case with separate “seats” for jigs is the real deal.

2) Easy to choose ability. Well this is not available in all cases. But many have a net like material that embraces the jig and this makes it visible and easy to choose. I don’t know about you guys, but me, I’ve been many times fishing on the rocks and when I returned home, I regret that I missed using some jigs because I simply didn’t see them on the fishing spot.  Visibility of the jigs is important, because when we are on the rocks, our head is focused on many things and sometimes we just act like robots. So we need to see some jigs in order to use them, otherwise we might bypass them and, who knows, they might be the ones for the catch.

A Roll up jig bag!

3) Easy to dry. The net material I mentioned before is also great for respiration and allows the jig to dry from the water.  These cases are also ideal for a fast washing. Simply pour fresh water on the jigs all together in their “seats” with the jig case and then allowing the case to dry. Easy and simple!

4) Easy to carry. Yap! Very important. Especially for idiots like me that sometimes  carry a jig bag that weights more than 12 kilos , for sure it must be easy to carry through the rocks and vegetation. Jig cases can be small, “spring roll” shaped and then can be fitted to bags, or they can be like envelope, or business bag. A shoulder belt is essential when we need to walk big distances, because it gets the weight of the jigs to our main body, making easier to walk rather than carry all the weight on the hand.

No matter what you will choose, you must inspect the zippers and the sewing to be reinforced because by time, the large weight of the jigs, often destroy the whole bag!

This is what i call “a bad idea”!

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