I was always fascinated from teeth marks on my lures! No matter if I get the fish or not, a nice scar on my lure was always reminding me the day it got it. Scars on plastic baits are very easy to be done, but on metal jigs, is something very hard to be done and only few species in my waters can achieve something like that! On this short article, I only want to share with you some nice teeth marks from snappers on a variety of jigs.

Many fish use suction in order to grab or even swallow whole their prey! Snappers also use suction but they depend on the power of their Jaws to make a lethal wound or even dismember their prey! These photos show the power of the jaws! Keep in mind that these teeth marks are not all successful strikes. Some are the result of a strike during falling while some are results on the active jigging, but most were successful.

Keep always attention on the falling. Snappers many times strike right there and you can only understand it by an earlier stop on the fall. You must be always ready to hook’em up!

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