Saltwater Sandeel by Savage Gear

Saltwater Sandeel by Savage Gear

Most of you, know that I’m really not fond of using softl ures during my hardcore fishing sessions. I prefer pure lead or hard plastic in the worst case! But sometimes a soft lure is a “one way” road to success. What I hate in most soft lures is that they are so damn fragile! One bite from a barracuda and bye bye tail! Sometimes you must sacrifice 4 or 5 bodies in order to get one fish! This, together with the limited action range a soft lure provides, and the limited casting ability, makes them for me the last to cast, and only when I’m desperate. Here comes Savage Gear with a unique model that really changed my thoughts. Saltwater Sandeel has it all! Strong and bite resistant body, perfect action, extremely strong fixed hook, slim alluring shape and assist ring for easy secondary rigging!

One truly adorable aspect of Saltwater sandeel is the ability to use it with so many ways and speeds. Most soft lures with paddle tails can work only with a steady slow to medium retrieve! This really limits the ways of using them. But Saltwater sandeel due to the very hydrodynamic shape can be used dead slow as well as very fast, or even with normal fast jigging action! This can unlock the fish on certain circumstances and provoke a strike! That “aggressive” shape makes Saltwater sandeel able to use even in stronger currents, when other soft lures completely fail! The same hydrodynamic “missile like” shape, becomes aerodynamic during casting and is very easy to see the saltwater sandeel covering much wider casting distance than other soft lures of similar weight. All these give us good reasons to have at least one in our lure bag!

Saltwater Sandeel and rigging

The Saltwater Sandeel comes with a complete set Jighead and body and a spare body! Bellow each jighead you can find a fixed ring ready to adopt any type of secondary rigging! Sometimes fish like Barracudas attack vertically from bellow, avoiding the main hook. A treble rigged on the lower part and attached to that ring, gives a permanent solution to this!

Saltwater sandeel and fish species

I tried hard to think at least one predatory fish that don’t like Saltwater Sandeel and I still do without significant success. Here in Mediterranean it is easy to get Snappers of all kinds, groupers of all kinds, amberjacks, barracudas, leerfish, mahi mahi, bluefish, tuna species and many other bottom species like scorpion fish, john dory, etc! An extremely versatile soft lure, ready to stand a strong bite and keep fishing for many more strikes! The preferred sizes I adore to use are the 17cm/65gr and the 18cm/100gr! According to anglers on other seas, all type of groupers, snappers, trevallies etc, simply love it!

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