The “HUGE” micro lure Gravity Minnow by Savage Gear

This little runner of the seas is a close cousin of the very successful Gravity Pencil. With the addition of a lip and advanced internal weight allocation, the Savage Gear Gravity Minnow lure opens the door to a multitude of fishing techniques like light game, LRF and will find its place even in the lure box of the light troller. I designed this lure to be as “savage” as possible!

Gravity Minnow F/S/FS on duty!

Gravity Minnow casts very well, even in adverse weather conditions. During the retrieve it produces a shaking motion which causes intense flashes on each side of the lure as well as a loud rattle sound effect! You will find the Gravity Minnow in 5 cm but in three different versions. In F (floating) S (Sinking) and FS (Fast Sinking). What does each offer us? Let’s see below!

1) F (Floating) If you’ve ever wondered why there are so few few floating lures at 5cm, the answer is “because they don’t cast well”. This is by no means the case with the Gravity Minnow 50F as it not only has an amazing cast for the 3.1gr weight, but also has a strong movement even with a very slow (dead slow) retrieve, something that no sinking lure can offer. So for the first time you have a lure that works in very shallow water even with a very slow retrieve! Ideal for LRF sets and with recommended rods SGS2 and SGS6 Ultra Light Game!

A wonderful White Sea Bream on Gravity Minnow FS

2) S (Sinking). The sinking version of the Gravity Minnow 50S/4.3gr is “set” to respond everywhere and always! It has the perfect blen of an explosive cast, lively movement and is ideal for fishing in both calm and strong weather conditions. This model represents the main family of similar lures that we find in every other company and allows us to fish effectively both close to the foam, if we start retrieving it after touchdown, or deeper if we let it sink. Ideal for LRF sets and with recommended rods SGS2 and SGS6 Ultra Light Game!

3) FS (Fast Sinking). Adding a lip to a fast-sinking lure like the Gravity Minnow allows the angler to “explore” and fish all levels of the water column from the surface to the bottom. You simply let it sink, and start retrieving from the bottom, or start retrieveing immediately as it hits the water. Therefore, we can say that the Gravity Minnow 50 FS is a very versatile lure that gives you solutions in many situations and perhaps the only minnow that can perform FLAWLESLY in very strong wind and waves, as well as in depths where until now only jigs could. It swims with fast retrieves and strong twitches and needs 2500H (5.5:1 and higher) reels and Light Game class rods with recommended rods SGS2 and SGS6 Light Game!

Target species include Aji, Saddled Breams, Silverfish, Mackerel, , Seabass, Sea Bream, white sea bream, needlefish and more.

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