Shore jigging: How to dress an assist hook with silicon Octopus



Dressing an assist hooks is not a big deal, but it is very common that anglers try to fit it from the point of the hook. This is difficult and it usually makes the octopus tear. Anyway the easiest way to dress an assist hook and not damage it is as it is shown here. All you will need is your ready assist hook without a solid ring on it, a piece of mono filament 0.50mm and the silicon octopus of your choice.

Left: Step One Right: Step two

Step one: Cut a small piece of the top of the head of the octopus to create a small hole. It is important not to make a big hole because during cast or jigging, the octopus will slide in the cord. Some octopus has already a hole ready. Step Two: Take the mono filament through the cord of the leader and fold it. Step 3: Penetrate the doubled leader edges from the hole of the octopus head, tentacle to head direction. Step 4: Slide the octopus gently into the cord all the way down, until it reach the “head” of the hook. Step 5: Go Fishing!

Left: Step Three Right: Step Four

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