Panic Prey V2 from Savage Gear

The previous Panic Prey model is familiar to all of us. A unique top water lure with stunning cast and unbelievable action on the surface. Aggressive WTD action, followed by strong splashing, made it a myth among other top water lures. Savage Gear has evolved this lure even more! The new Panic Prey V2 series boosts strikes even more. Thanks to the new design of its “face”, manages to deliver even more splashing action. The new model keeps the casting ability just as you knew it, but by adding a small protrusion to the lower jaw, like a small lip, it manages to splash even further, triggering the predatory instincts of every fish.

How to use:
This is the amazing feature of this amazing lure. You can use it with more than one way and with different speed. Panic Prey V2 can be used exactly like the previous version, with fast WTD action that will make it move fast, super splashing and acting like a running small mullet on the surface. Then you can use it with slower speed twitching, and the lure start to make wider maneuvers with alluring discreet splashing. Furthermore with stop and go is the complete new action this lure has, since it works also like a popper, imitating a surprised baitfish. Panic Prey V2 also comes in a smaller size so it can target other predators like saddled breams, and a much bigger size that target beasts. Now you can find it at 10.5cm / 16 grams, 13.5cm / 28 grams, and 19.5cm/ 83 grams.

Target fish:

  • 10.5cm: Seabass, saddled breams, leer fish, garfish, needlefish, yellowhorse mackerel.
  • 13.5cm: Seabass, bluefish, Mahi Mahi, amberjack, leerfish, bonito, barracuda.
  • 19.5cm: Bluefish, Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, Tuna, leerfish.

Unique features:

  • A very versatile lure ideal for the experienced and the amateur angler.
  • Perfect action even on strong weather conditions.
  • Ultimate combination of WTD and popping  action

Panic Prey V2 10.5 and 13.5 comes with a feather on the back treble. This feather makes it very effective to some types of fish and promotes strikes, especially on the smaller size and on fish like garfish, saddled breams and mahi mahi. But if you remove it, then the WTD action is enhanced a lot, making stronger zig zag moves.
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