Video Call

Book 30′ or 60′ with me on a Video Call (Usually through Google Meet or Teams) and let’s discuss about anything you wish, regarding fishing!

Subjects to discuss:

  • Fishing Plans in your area (for Greek and foreign anglers)
  • Review of your fishing tackle
  • Google Earth exploring new fishing spots (for Greek and foreign anglers)
  • Fishing discussions
  • Fishing Condition Explaining (Moon, currents, Barometric Pressure, Wind etc)
  • Fishing Updates and Fishing Activity Forecast
  • Fishing Style Explaining
  • Video Record Material Discussions
  • Safety Discusions
  • Food supplements discussions prior or during fishing trips
  • Anything else regarding fishing

Price per 30′ 50€

Price per 60′ 100€

Book your time by sending an email here:

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