Shore Jigging for Amberjacks, Snappers, Gold Blotch Groupers, Bonitos, False Albacores, and Barracudas: Techniques and General Tips

Shore jigging fishing is a thrilling method to target a variety of saltwater species along the Mediterranean coast, and not only! In this brief article, we’ll explore the exciting world of shore jigging and offer tips and techniques to catch prized species like Amberjack, Dentex Dentex, Gold Blotch Grouper, Bonito, False Albacore, and Barracuda from the shoreline, by casting jigs into the blue! Stay tuned because soon will follow more detailed articles about each fish species, separately!

  1. Amberjack (Seriola dumerili)

Amberjacks are powerful and aggressive predators, making them an ideal target for shore jigging. To catch Amberjack from the shore, consider the following tips:

  • Location: Look for rocky outcrops, underwater structures, and jetties that extend into deep water, as Amberjacks prefer these habitats. Areas with strong currents are very appreciated by these powerful creatures that take advantage to hunt baitfish.
  • Jigs: Use LARGE jigs or knife jigs (long jigs) to reach the desired depth quickly and imitate the natural movements of prey. Needle Jig from Savage Gear, is a must for these fish species. Amberjacks are very vulnerable to size and speed of your jig, so jigs above 80gr usually are more effective than smaller ones.
  • Casting Technique: Cast your jig out into deeper waters and retrieve it FAST with a rhythmic, upward motion, mimicking the movement of running prey. Amberjacks are also known to strike when the jig is falling. Focus from bottom up to midwaters as they usually hunt there.
Left: A typical False Albacore on Slim Jig Minnow 80gr Right: A nice winter snapper on Sardine Slider 80gr. Rod: SGS6 Shore Jigging 10’MH 30-100gr Reel:SGS8 6000 Braid PE #2.5 Leader: Super Hard FC Leader 0.50mm Hooks: Bloody Assist Hooks #2.0
  1. Common Snapper (Dentex dentex)

Common Snapper is a challenging catch known for their strong fight and delicious meat. To shore jig for Dentex, try these strategies:

  • Location: Focus on rocky bottoms, underwater caves, and areas with low (or absent) currents, where Snappers often hunt.
  • Jigs: Go for fluttering jigs that mimic injured fish. Dentex are known to strike when the jig flutters down. Sardine Slider and Slim Jig Minnow are two flawless jigs that can’t fail! However when Needlefish are in the area, Needle Jig is also a formidable weapon! Use all with rhythmic medium speed, or irregular jig action! Keep your jig within ten meters from the bottom for better results.
  1. Gold Blotch Grouper (Epinephelus costae)

Gold Blotch Grouper is known for its vibrant appearance and tasty flesh. To target them from the shore with jigging, follow these recommendations:

  • Location: Look for rocky reefs, submerged structures, and deeper channels where Gold Blotch Grouper are known to inhabit. They will not hunt with strong currents, so you might need to wait until the water speed drops. This is why you might cast a full day in an area, and suddenly get repeated strikes from groupers, that without a doubt, where there the whole time.
  • Jigs: Use flat, slow-pitch jigs that can reach the desired depth quickly and provide an enticing, slow, and fluttering action. Groupers will not attack high speed jigging, but they love medium or slow tempo! Same like snapper, keep your jig within ten meters from the bottom for better results. Sardine Slider and slim jig minnow jigs are ideal for groupers!
  • Find a detailed article about GB groupers here:
Left: Bonitos have a strong preference for whitish jigs like this Slim Jig Minnow! Right: Big AJs can gulp even big jigs as this 150gr knife jig!
  1. Bonito (Sarda sarda)

Bonitos are fast swimmers and provide an exciting challenge for shore jigging enthusiasts. To catch Bonitos from the shore, consider the following tips:

  • Location: Focus on areas near drop-offs, rocky outcrops, and inlets with strong currents where Bonito like to hunt.
  • Jigs: Select smaller, fast-sinking jigs that resemble small fish, which Bonitos readily pursue. Even if you can get bonitos near the bottom, most of the times they spend their hunting time in mid waters, up to the surface, so better focus your efforts there. Sardine Slider and Slim Jig Minnow are all you need for a successful hunt!
  • Fishing bonitos with light shore jigging gear is super fun and rewarding.
  1. False Albacore (Euthynnus alletteratus)

False Albacore, or Little Tunny, are known for their speed and endurance. To shore jig for False Albacore, try these techniques:

  • Location: Look for schools of baitfish near the shore, especially around jetties and inlets. False Albacore often follow these baitfish. Same like bonitos, Falce Albacores love the strong currents!
  • Jigs: Use smaller, fast-sinking jigs and retrieve them quickly to match the speed of False Albacore. Sardine slider jig has been proven “lethal” followed by Slim Jig Minnow.
  1. Barracuda (Sphyraena spp.)

Barracuda are fierce predators that respond well to shore jigging. To catch Barracuda from the shore, consider these tips:

  • Location: Focus on rocky shores, jetties, and areas with good water movement, as Barracuda are often found near these structures. The foam of the breaking waves on the rocky coastline is a very good factor! However, barracudas usually avoid areas with strong currents, so keep that in mind.
  • Jigs: Choose long, slender, and flashy jigs with a fast-sinking fluttering rate, like Needle Jig. Barracudas are attracted to the rapid, darting action of these lures.
Left: Needle Jig is a jig that can’t fail on Amberjacks! Right: A beaudiful grouper on New color BG on Slim Jig Minnow 100gr


Shore jigging fishing is a thrilling way to pursue Amberjacks, Common Snappers, Gold Blotch Groupers, Bonitos, False Albacores, and Barracudas along the Mediterranean coast. These species can provide exciting battles and delicious catches, and jigging from the shoreline adds an extra dimension of challenge and adventure to your angling experience. Remember to adjust your gear, jigs, and techniques to suit the specific preferences of each species, and always be mindful of local fishing regulations to ensure a sustainable and responsible fishing experience. With patience and skill, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of shore jigging and land some impressive Mediterranean catches.

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