If you wish to join me for a “one to one” fishing day (or trip) in Greece, it is something we can organize. While it is actual fishing and we are both fishing strategically, it is not a true fishing guiding! The reason is simple! You cannot make deals with the sea, because if the season and the conditions are not the right ones, the fish might not cooperate! However, when I go fishing, I do it the best as I can. We are going to have fun, we are going to fish a lot, and during fishing, I will try to help you improve your fishing style, if necessary!

Inshore Fishing Styles

Shore Jigging (All Year)

Rock Spinning (All Year)

Sea Bass Fishing (All Year)

Blue Fish Fishing (All Year)

LRF (Seasonal)

Eging (Seasonal)

Light Game (Seasonal)

Offshore Fishing

Offshore Casting (All Year)

Jigging (All Year)

Inchiku (All Year)

Slow Jigging (All Year)

Tai Rubber (All Year)

Ultra Light Jigging (All Year)

Offshore Light Casting (Seasonal)

Giant Squid (Seasonal)

Fishing Equipment

Feel free to use your fishing gear, but if you do not have, no worries! I can provide for you!

If you wish to plan a fishing tour with me, send an E-mail to: markosvidalisyt@gmail.com

Average daily fee: 500€ (Receipt / Invoice will be issued)

*Price can change depending on the days, the distance, and other factors. Full plan usually formed through email discussion.

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